Here at doctor electronics we take pride in providing great service. We are not responsible ​for quality of parts and printed circuit boards ordered from parts distributors nor are are we able to secure refunds from parts companies. We are not responsible for the time it takes for a part to come into our shop. 

The cost of parts is non-refundable, including but not limited to: If parts are ordered for your unit ​​part is non-functional. If ordered parts are installed into your unit and fail after 1 hour. If parts are ordered from eBay due to discontinuation. 


                                We have a no refund policy here at Doctor  Electronics.
We Repair circuit boards for electrical mechanical machines. The shop will need the model number were the circuit is from​. Check-out charge on circuit boards 40.00 at drop off.
Doctor Electronics Repair Service is known for excellent        
     ​customer service and knowledge like no one else. 
Guitar amp tune up and clean all controls 
50'' inch TV or smaller - check out
60'' inch TV or larger - check out
* Check out charge must be paid upfront. 
The Repair Process...
Your equipment will be assessed and estimated. We will reach out to you with the cost and timing of the repair. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm if they want to move forward with the repair. If you choose not to have your item repaired, an appointment must be made to pick up your item. In the event that you miss your scheduled date to pick up your item the shop will hold your item for one month's time for a late pickup fee of $15. Items left at the shop for more than 30 days becomes the property of Doctor Electronics.
Repair Services 
Hourly Bench Charge
$100.00/hour + cost of parts
Service Calls to Nassau County
Service Calls to Suffolk County
* Service calls to Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan are not available at this time.
Club Owners/DJ Services
​Club owners and DJ are offered a Dealer’s rate, set up an account. Inquire about yearly service contracts as well.

Medical Equipment Repair
Contact us for more information on medical equipment repair.
Circuit Board Repair
Marine Services (Summer Only)
Contact us for more information about marina service calls.
Automobile Electronics Repair
Auto Electrician - $60.00 for service call and working on location - $150.00 hour ​
Call us regarding classic car electronics repair and wiring.

                                OTHER SERVICES
Electronics Test Lab Services
Electrical Theory Tutoring Services 
Call us about using our lab to test equipment. 
One-on-one explanation on electrical theory. Reach out to us for appointments, times, and dates. Hourly cost $70.00
Consulting Services
Reach out today regarding consulting services on electrical ideas. 
                                 SPECIAL SERVICES
Electrical companies on long island hire us when they need to solve electrical problems. We can come on site and troubleshoot the problem for you so that your electrical company can repair the problem. Call for more information regarding hourly rate.

Family heirlooms are treated with the upmost care in our shop. Vintage machines can take more time to repair due to availability of parts. Some units can be modified. We work with the customer every step of the way to ensure the unit is repaired in the way the customer desires. 

                           DIAPULSE MACHINE REPAIR

The size and weight of your Diapulse machine will determine the time it will take to repair it. Each machine and each problem is different. Every machine has to be properly evaluated. Testing and troubleshooting takes time.​​ Sometimes parts are delayed and I will not be held responsible for parts delay. Customer is responsible for shipping cost and insurance as well as the return label. We will not be responsible for damages in shipping. 

Hourly rate for customer: $300.00/Hour
Parts are always provided by Diapulse company.

​​​​*Doctor Electronics is not Responsible for the way this Machine is used after it leaves our shop. Machine 
should only be used by a trained medical professional. Doctor Electronics rs provides this machine for its intended purpose as described in the user manual and product documentation. The company shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized, improper, or unintended use of the machine. Users are responsible for ensuring that the machine is used in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and safety guidelines. Doctor Electronics rs disclaims all liability for any damages, injuries, or losses arising from the use of the machine in any manner not expressly approved and recommended by the company.
**​​ Daipulse Machines will only leave the shop when working to specification a
ccording to the service manual. 

Doctor Electronics can troubleshoot electrical problems and service E.V./H.E.V new vehicles ​​to the component level only. Electrical services only (not mechanical). The only one on long island to have this service. By appointment only. Rate/hour: $200.00​​. Call us today to talk about your specific vehicle.

The parts policy...
Located too far to drive to us?
We still want to help! Call us for more information on shipping your unit to our shop. We cannot be held responsible for items damaged in shipping.