Service For Individual Customers over counter 

new policy starting 2013 we have "check out charge" that's applied to your repair cost  : 40.00 forTV's
"must be paid up front".​

Call first. We need to know the make/model/age of the item to be repaired. NOTE: If the item 10 years old or older, parts may not be available.

Hourly bench charge - $75.00 (not including parts). If more time is needed you will be notified.


All Service call costs: must be paid up front at pick up.

· Nassau: $50.00

· Queens: $50.00

· Manhattan: $100.00 (includes parking)

*All service call are to be paid in cash up front.

Customers may drop off equipment as well. Call or email to make arrangements.

Club Owner / DJ Service
Club owners and DJ’s are offered a Dealer’s rate, set up on account. Inquire about yearly service contracts as well.


​hParts cost not refundable : in these situation
for example 1.if i order parts for you unit ​​and the result the panel is bad.
2.if i order parts and install it into your unit and after 1 hour  your unit fails  do to same part
3. if parts are ordered from ebay becausemanufactures don't make them anymore 
parts from ebay usually come from broken tv's and are sold as is so its hit or miss if they work or not 
(this will be told to you before we order )​

Equipment must be picked up and paid for within 30 days of completion notification



Call for more information about when and how to ship equipment,as well as insurance requirements.


Marine service: (only in summer) ​​

service at marina or other location : hourly charge  75.00  plus parts.
limo  electrical problems as well

R/D  is what  made the founder and owner to create doctor electronics repair service.
we have many on going projects for new items for patents that will hit market 

classic car electronics repair and wiring: if you have and old car radio that dose not work bring in for check out  
call use for more info.​

Ask us about taking any equipment that you don't want anymore.

checkout charges at shop  : for audio component  30.00 , speakers : 25.00  TV's : 40.00  ​​

Doctor Electronics
the original​
 "The tube amp specialist"
Since 1995
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we except all major credit cards


"there is a no refund policy here at
Doctor electronics repair service "

here at doctor electronics we take pride 
in giving great service. we are not responsible ​for quality of parts and printed 
circuit boards ordered from parts distributors
nor are we able to control if they will refund
any moneys back. we are also not responsible
for ​​​  being put on back order for parts 

​​DEPOSIT: go's trod part order parts distributors charge re-stocking fee if we put stop order on part. it can be up to 50% of part cost . in this case we give you credit on your next repair 

be  aware  that there are many Tv repair  company's advertising in
my area from other areas. there phone numbers have different ​area codes. doctor electronics rs does not advertise in other areas 
to tempt ​to take business away from others. we also don't believe  in using lead company's
​ we have been word of mouth since 1995. our quality shows
in the product ​we repair.
guitar amp tune up and clean all controls for 37.50 we will also tell you if you need re-tube /tell us you saw this on or web page